About DFC Tiper

DFCtiper is a unique twitter bot built on telegram and owned by Deficonnect. It is an easy to use social media token earning and visibility increasing software that allows users to make lots of money by performing simple programmed tasks while also been able to tip the bot and get it to grow their social accounts, advertise and run a campaign.

How It Works

Publishing your task using the DFCtipper isn’t something to crack your head about. All you need to do is purchase some Deficonnect (DFC) tokens and tip the bot with it after which the bot sends your tasks to millions of people to perform the task for you by either retweeting, liking, following, joining your telegram channel, filling a form such as airdrop form or a project form depending on whatever the task maybe. The bot also tips the millions of people with some DFC tokens that can be exchanged to dollars for carrying out the task.

So, for example if you’re running a campaign and need to reach millions of people or require massive vote online or you need lots of followers on your social media handles or perhaps you have a project to promote or a coin you want millions of people to see and know about. Then look no further because with DFCtiper that is obtainable in few minutes. Amazing isn’t it?!

How to earn with DFCtiper

Earning on DFCtiper is as easy as reading ABC, all you have to do is in 4 easy steps.

Get the bot link by clicking here

Register your account

Input your smart chain DFC wallet address where your earnings will be sent into.

Perform the task the bot gives you.

For each task you perform, you will get 40million DefiConnect Tokens (DFC), and you can earn more faster and quicker by simply inviting friends to also use the bot. That is, it's a win win for everyone.


Don't take our word for it. Here are testimonials from Satisfied advertisers and members of the DFC Tiper community.


Twitter Username & Bep20 wallet address. You can get it from trust wallet

Presently $DFC400,000

DFCtiper help you increase social media engagement and visibility of every content you post

Refer your friends and family by Sharing your referral link on social media plateforms.

As they perform different task you will make extra DFC 400,000 on each of them

You will get a notification from the bot inform of a message on telegram

When you've made upto $DFC 200,000,000